Iowa Reading Award Winner for 2020

Posted: June 24, 2020

Iowa Reading Association 2019-2020
Iowa Service Award goes to Marlene Reece!

Our 2020 Service Award winner is Marlene Reece of the Hardy Reading Council. She
has been very dedicated at both the local and state levels for many years, even after
retirement. This shows her commitment to the improvement of reading instruction
and her drive to promote literacy.
Marlene has a wealth of knowledge about literacy and the ability to make even the
most challenging learner able to read. Her warm personality and sense of humor
make children and adults love her. She has an infectious passion for reading.
Although teaching is Marlene’s first passion, another one of her passions is the Iowa
Reading Association. She believes in its worth just like she believes in the worth of
good teaching. She believes one directly influences the other and remains focused
on the idea that reading is the key to a good education. Marlene has worn many hats
in the Iowa Reading Association throughout her time as a member. She has
presented at the state conference, chaired the Poetry Committee, served on the
board, along with writing articles for the newsletter. Marlene has given
distinguished and admirable service to the Iowa Reading Association.
Marlene is dedicated to literacy and service. It is people like Marlene that keep her
local council growing and vital, as well as the Iowa Reading Association. She often
puts the teachers and reading board commitments in front of her own personal life.
With her smile and good humor, she has brightened the day for many.
When it comes to service to others, to the council, to the Iowa Reading Association
and most importantly to the students we honor Marlene Reece of the Hardy Reading
Council! Congratulations Marlene.
Marlene will be honored again at the 2021 conference in Ames since our conference
was cancelled for this summer.


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