Iowa Reading Association-Reading Teacher of the Year, 2022

Posted: June 22, 2022

Reading Teacher of the Year
Hannah Bain

Our 2022 Reading Teacher of the Year is Hannah Bain of the Boone-Story Reading
Council. Hannah has taught for eight years. Currently she is teaching first grade at
Colo-Nesco Elementary. Prior to first grade she taught at the JH level in the area of
Hannah has been a member of the local, state and international reading councils
since beginning her teaching career. At the local level she has served as president,
membership chairperson, treasurer, chairperson and judge for the creative
writing/poetry contest and organizes and leads the Boone-Story Reading Council’s
Young Author Reception. As a leader, she has participated in the state’s annual
leadership meetings and authored articles for the state newsletter. Her willingness
to promote the council, resourcefulness in programming and sharing of knowledge
has been exemplary. Hannah has provided many programs at her local council
meetings and for other Iowa councils. She has also presented at the state
One of Hannah’s great strengths is researching the science of reading. She continues
to analyze materials to determine their impact on student reading and collaborates
with others using a blog/facebook page titled “The Science of Reading”.
Hannah has her masters in reading. Currently, she is completing the rigorous
certification process for the advanced teaching credential of National Board
Certification in Literacy.
Hannah serves as a mentor to first year teachers. She also serves on curriculum
selection and district professional development committees. She is instrumental in
helping to lead professional development within her school. She provides
opportunities for teachers to observe her demonstrating reading strategies. Hannah
has overseen and taught summer school reading programs that have been highly
successful and well attended.
Hannah is a great example of a teacher who makes instructional decisions based on
research. She inspires her colleagues to be informed teachers. Congratulations
Hannah Bain!

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