Iowa Reading Association Administrator of the Year for 2022!

Posted: June 22, 2022

Administrator of the Year
Shaun Lehmann

Shaun Lehmann is the 2022 Iowa Reading Administrator of the Year. Shaun was
nominated by the Hardy Reading Council.
Mr. Lehmann is the principal at Gladbrook-Reinbeck Elementary. Shaun greets
students when they walk in the door with a giant smile. He builds relationships
with students and spreads the enthusiasm for learning throughout the building.
Though he has only been a principal for two years, he has made reading a school
wide priority. He has supported his teachers by bringing in outside resources to
give them the tools necessary to continue to grow. He makes sure he is visible in
classrooms during small groups. He gives valuable feedback to teachers and makes
sure students are learning and understanding the material. He even steps in to
teach small group reading when needed.
Students, faculty and parents notice the commitment Mr. Lehmann shows for
literacy. He is very caring and a hard worker. He frequently covers classes for his
teachers and is a guest reader any time he is invited. His door is always open for the
students and teachers to share their wins and struggles. He strives to support his
staff’s individual learning and teaching styles while encouraging them to try new
Mr. Lehmann is a leader who is approachable to staff, students and parents. He fills
in where needed within the school. He has been seen scooping snow, serving lunch,
cleaning up after a sick student, has subbed in every single classroom, loves to have
recess duty and the list goes on. If there is a need, no matter how busy he is, he will
do whatever it takes to make sure every student’s needs are met. He is a great
communicator and always has a smile on his face. His enthusiasm is contagious for
not only the students, but the staff as well. He goes above and beyond every single
day! Congratulations Mr. Lehmann.

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