Iowa Reading Association 2020 and 2021 Awards 2021 Administrator of the Year Genie O’Grady

Posted: June 22, 2021

In her 25-year plus career Genie has been a second-grade teach- er, a trained reading re- covery teacher/literacy strategist, AEA read- ing consultant, an as- sistant principal and is currently the principal at Glenwood Commu- nity School. She works side by side with teachers in developing read- ing curriculum, presenting staff development, modeling student lessons and even assessing individual deficits when needed to build stu- dent action plans. Genie has high expectations for herself, her staff, and is seen as a forever coach and mentor. Her vision, knowledge, and leadership she has helped her school achieve great success. Genie continues to lead and em- power her teachers with her support, problem solving, and determination to do what is best for kids. No matter what is thrown at her, she displays calm determination, collaboration skills, positivity, vision and leadership keeps her school on the right path to providing what every student needs in order to find success. Genie wants students to thrive as learners, cel- ebrates student success and continuously in- vites students to read with her, demonstrating the importance of reading. Genie O’Grady is an exemplary leader. She created a Book Mo- bile that travels throughout the community in the summer to ensure students can continue to get their hands-on books. Genie has been dedicated to literacy and the education of stu- dents her entire career. Her knack for seeing in others what they don’t see in themselves, going to great lengths to meet students’ needs shows that Genie’s passion for education and students is undeniable. She is a great collabo- rator, leader and administrator. This is why she was chosen as the 2021 Reading Administrator of the Year.

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